Community-wide Upgrade Sale Ends this Weekend

by: Derek Jones on: 4/28/2017

Upgrade sale ends this weekend

ExpressionEngine 2 retires on Sunday. On Monday we will say goodbye to a beloved old friend, but simultaneously rejoice with our new one. The latest version has the benefit of learning from the strengths and weaknesses of a mature CMS. ExpressionEngine 3 stands strong, solid, and better than ever. To help ease your transition to a modern platform, we have worked with third parties to reduce the price of upgrades through April 30.

50% off, if you act now.

There’s never been a better time to take the plunge. But don’t take our word for it. Here are what some ExpressionEngine experts like you have to say:

Upgrading to ExpressionEngine 3 means security, performance, and a new modern interface.

Pedro Guimaraes, Willow Light Studio

ExpressionEngine 3 is a huge leap forward for web devs and content editors. We’ve been seriously impressed.

Mark Croxton, Hallmark Design

99% of plugins are ready. With faster and easier CMS updates, there is no reason not to update now.

Mike Lohrman, 5BYFIVE Creative

Site management and maintenance is simpler in ExpressionEngine 3. We can typically apply an update in minutes, making the upgrade worth it for this reason alone.

Chris Basnight, Imp Designs LLC

ExpressionEngine 3 has clean bright interface that is appealing to the eyes and easy to use. Updating now takes about 1/10th the time by simply replacing two folders. Don’t wait, get started now and make your life a lot better.

Ben Fjare, Prime Incorporated

And if you use the most popular add-ons in v2, save 50% on the upgraded version from these developers as well:

Get your 50% savings before it’s gone!

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