CartThrob 3.0.2 Released

by: Derek Jones on: 6/2/2016

CartThrob, a flexible e-commerce solution for ExpressionEngine, has just been updated to version 3.0.2. This is a patch release, and here are the details:

  • FIXED: Clicking payment gateway selection checkbox labels caused all gateways to be selected
  • FIXED: missing fieldtypes in installer causing Grid_lib accepts_content_type error when trying to create new channel fields
  • FIXED: installer “Unable to locate the files needed to install this module” errors
  • FIXED: Required field form errors do not show field names
  • FIXED: missing button icons in ExpressionEngine 3.3.x
  • FIXED: Order items cleared when editing an order entry
  • FIXED: missing button icons
  • FIXED: Price simple field caused PHP errors because form_validation library was not loaded
  • FIXED: JS alerts in options configurator

If you purchased CartThrob from the ExpressionEngine Store, you can download the latest version on your Manage Purchases page. For upgrade instructions or support, please refer to CartThrob’s documentation.

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