Backing Up ExpressionEngine

by: Kevin Cupp on: 10/28/2015

We’ve all been there: a client or customer calls to say something has disappeared, you delete one file too many, or a hard drive has simply crashed. You either felt devastated, or you were able to swoop in and save the day because you have a backup plan.

Everyone should have a backup plan for not only their personal computers, but also their websites. Websites can lose data due to hacking, server crashes, or human error. Plan for the worst and be able to get back online in a jiffy without losing days/weeks/months of work.

We’ve put together a guide on backing up ExpressionEngine sites that outlines what you need to backup, what to do when evaluating a backup solution, and some common practices for automating file and database backups so that you can set it and forget it.

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