Another step forward, welcome to 4.1

by: James Mathias on: 3/1/2018

Welcome to 4.1

Here’s a fact. ExpressionEngine CMS continually improves. With every new release we squash bugs, enhance security, and add more value. Today we’re proud to release version 4.1 packed with a bevy of fixes, enhancements, and improvements. Another fact. All this greatness is available in a single click.

A preview of things to come

For a long time ExpressionEngine CMS has had a “Live Look” feature which allowed content editors to see what their entries would look like within the design of their site’s templates. A powerful and convenient feature. But, like all things it could be improved.

In 4.1 we introduce Live Preview. Now content editors can preview their content in context, while they’re editing it. No special statuses or extra templates needed. Live Preview is responsive and works beautifully across all kinds of devices.

We believe that both you and your clients are going to LOVE Live Preview!

Live Preview in Action

Making changes en masse

Today we welcome back an improved Bulk Edit feature. In 4.1 you will be able to select multiple entries and quickly edit their categories, dates, statuses, and more. You can add or remove categories from your entries with a single save. Starting today you can open or close a group of entries in seconds, without a single extra browser tab!

Bulk Edit is the first step towards more robust content editing in ExpressionEngine. We believe Bulk Edit is a huge quality-of-life feature, and we hope you find it as useful as we do.

Bulk Edit in Action

There’s always more…

4.1 has a variety of additional smaller, but not less important enhancements as well. Including improved security and notifications for password and email changes; dozens of bug fixes, and UI tweaks; and iterations on our variable modifiers, like the new decimal parameter for our currency modifier. For example {cost:currency decimal='0'} would output $299 instead of $299.00

ExpressionEngine 4.1 brings a lot of improvements to your favorite CMS. Now go click that version number in your CP and start enjoying ExpressionEngine CMS 4.1 today!

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