Amazing Progress Report & Addition of IRC to CodeIgniter.com

by: Derek Jones on: 8/31/2011

In less than two weeks since the announcement was made at CICON that CodeIgniter was moving to GitHub, we’ve seen some incredible results from the change.  Already CodeIgniter is the 10th most watched PHP project at GitHub (currently 758), with 42 open pull requests, 53 merged pull requests, 170 forks, and 41 individual contributors.  Incredible!

Behind the scenes, the Reactor engineers and the EllisLab team are regularly conversing about potential changes, and working jointly on larger more sprawling projects like converting the userguide to Sphinx, and getting things ready for the inclusion of Sparks.

We also noticed what seemed to be a spike in activity on the #CodeIgniter Freenode IRC channel, so we’ve decided to make it more prominent to encourage its continued use.  You’ll now notice an IRC tab in the main navigation, letting you access the #CodeIgniter IRC channel right here at CodeIgniter.com.

Join in the discussions, and if you haven’t already, start watching the CodeIgniter repo at GitHub, contributing, and even just commenting on people’s requests or engaging in peer code review.  With our community’s energy, I think we might even eclipse some of the larger PHP projects at GitHub!  You all are awesome, and we thank you.

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