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As a designer

With ExpressionEngine you’ll never have to stop and ask whether it’s possible to implement a design because the answer is always yes.

ExpressionEngine does something that no other CMS does: It stays completely out of the way. It doesn’t impose any design constraints or force you to compromise your artistic vision.

A great design is a harmonious interplay of many elements—symmetry, clarity, positioning, typography, color, space, and consistency. An exceptional user experience happens only when each element is in pixel-perfect balance. With ExpressionEngine you can achieve that, because it liberates you as a designer to focus solely on doing what you do best: Design. You’ll never have to compromise your vision. If you can dream it, ExpressionEngine can achieve it.

Unleash your creativity with total confidence!

As a developer

With your full bag of tricks, ExpressionEngine gives you the freedom to be a problem solver.

You face a myriad of challenges to make a beautifully functioning dynamic user experience. As the web and mobile mature, your bag of tools gets bigger and more complicated. The last thing you need is a CMS that holds you back.

ExpressionEngine will always work with you, thanks to its content-agnostic templates, flexible architecture, advanced APIs, and its powerful plugin support. You have full control of the data model and output.

Build with confidence that you’re launching your client with a killer solution on a platform that helps them remain future proof. Equipped with ExpressionEngine, you are ready for any new technologies that come your way. Go build something awesome.

As a content creator

Content is king and you’re the power behind the throne. You need a CMS that delivers.

In today’s connected world, you need to publish in multiple channels to deliver compelling, engaging results. For over ten years, ExpressionEngine has been the champion of structured content, allowing content creators to create once and publish anywhere.

With its beautiful and simple interface, ExpressionEngine lets you manage every piece of content from any location on any device. Create when the moment strikes you, and never lose an opportunity to strengthen your brand and message.

With ExpressionEngine, you have the tools to support your efforts. What are you waiting for? Publish your universe!


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Powerful Templates

ExpressionEngine has powerful, yet easy to write templates. You won’t need programming experience to create amazing sites. No more tag soup! In ExpressionEngine, templates don’t force you to work a certain way, in fact they work for you!

With layouts, partials, embeds and custom variables you can do anything, while staying DRY. Built sane and easily maintainable views, with the routing you need. The power of ExpressionEngine is yours young Padawan, wield it with responsibility.

Download and start writing templates today!

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Infinitely Extensible

ExpressionEngine is a powerful and robust tool. But even the best tool has its limits. And when you reach those limits, ExpressionEngine’s add-on architecture lets you solve any problem in a fully-integrated way.

Developers love the ease with which they can solve unique problems with ExpressionEngine add-ons. ExpressionEngine allows them to create rich functionality that looks and feels native. And with a robust third-party developer library, there is no mountain too high, no valley too wide.

Download and solve custom problems today!

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Easy Updates

Software updates can be a chore and are easy to procrastinate. But with ExpressionEngine updates are a breeze. A tropical breeze, with mojitos.

Upload two folders, visit your control panel, click a button, done.

Download and upgrade today!

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Flexible Content Types

ExpressionEngine is content agnostic and encourages reusable structure. You can store any type of content, any way. Every data point customized to your needs. This flexibility makes ExpressionEngine a powerful way to manage and share your content.

Text, dates, links, images, tables, and files, oh my. ExpressionEngine can manage it all. Whether you need an event calendar, a news room, or a staff directory. ExpressionEngine has your back.

Download and start your site today!

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Mobile Friendly

We built ExpressionEngine from the ground up with responsive design in mind. Manage your site and content from anywhere, with any device.

On your phone, tablet, or desktop, ExpressionEngine is fun and easy to use. The control panel looks and works beautifully on any screen, letting you get work done, fast!

Download and publish on the go today!

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Build a Community

With ExpressionEngine you can create engaging and vibrant communities that are fully integrated with the rest of your site. Powerful and flexible member management is at your fingertips.

Whether you have a forum, small blog, fan site, or a huge group of enthusiasts, ExpressionEngine makes community easy. You can define multiple member groups and assign unique permissions to control creation and consumption of content. Provide a rich experience for your community, without compromising your site’s design, content, and branding!

Download and start your community today!

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Serious Security

We take software security seriously at ExpressionEngine. For over ten years we’ve maintained a stellar record of quick patches and highly secure software.

We regularly work with security researchers to continually improve and harden ExpressionEngine’s security. With ExpressionEngine powering your site you won’t lose any sleep. You’ll know that your site is running on the most secure CMS in the universe.

Download and gain peace of mind today!

More Features

Create Once, Publish Everywhere

Don’t Repeat Yourself. DRY is ExpressionEngine’s wheelhouse. This isn’t 1999 and your content isn’t a “page”. ExpressionEngine helps you Create Once, and Publish Everywhere.

ExpressionEngine lets you write an article, post an event, or add a staff member or new product without being stuck to a “page”. Show it wherever it needs to be. Deliver content to web pages, a mobile app, a syndication service, wherever, without repeating yourself. Unlike page-centric CMSes, keeping your content structured in ExpressionEngine helps make it future proof it for new technologies.

Create Once, and Publish Your Universe today!

More Features

Spam Prevention

Spam. Spammity-spam. It’s annoying. ExpressionEngine has built-in spam prevention that learns and grows with your site. Culling the chaff so your visitors can enjoy the wheat.

Gone are the days of robots attacking your comments and forums with ads, and half-hearted tries to sound like real contributors. ExpressionEngine actually learns from your site’s content to continually improve its filters. Make sure the content that is relevant to your audience is seen, and that spam stays where it belongs, in the can.

Download and stick it to spammers today!

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ExpressionEngine “Kitchen Sink” 3.5.0 Released

by: Derek Jones

ExpressionEngine 3.5.0 is full of many time-saving improvements for content authors, site builders, and programmers alike. It’s a little of everything, a “kitchen sink” release that was borne mostly from the fact that we eat our own dogfood and there were some things we wanted for ourselves. Read on to see everything it includes!

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